Excursion Alpla 2hk

Excursion Alpla 2hk

Excursion Alpla 2hk

As mentoring company Alpla in Hard invited us, the 2hk from the HTL-Bregenz, to visit their headquarters (Vorarlberg) on 21 November, 2016. The factory was founded in 1955 and mostly produces bottles for beverages and liquids. At 8:00 am Julian Fässler welcomed us at the entrance and guided us to a meeting room. After a short introduction of the worldwide concern, we got split into two groups. While one group was led through the factory by Werner Müller, the other group went to the manufacturing plant and made themselves a bottle with Arthur Kirchmann.

The first stop during the guided tour was at a display of different products. We made the next stops in the manufacturing plant to look at eroding, toolmaking, the different production method of producing bottles, etc.

Our last stop was at the test bench where the products are tested in different scenarios like falling, thrust, etc. On the end of the tour we went to the meeting room where we waited for the other group. We got a snack and made a pause.

After that we switched the groups. We made our own bottle. We had to set the machine first. After that we made the first few bottles but we couldn’t take them because they had the wrong weight. The perfect weight should be around 58g. We had to put more or less material to it until it had the perfect weight. We were allowed to take the bottles with us.

At the end of the excursion we got again a snack. The trip was very diversified and interesting. The best part for us was to make our own bottles.

It was really a great excursion with much practical insight. Thank you we would like to come again.

Alexander Amann and Alyssa Wozasek